A user-centric service

Fully designed with a user-centric approach, the platform enables citizens to access information and services anytime anywhere. In Italy many Public Authorities unfortunately haven't catched the extraordinary potential of the switch of services from offline to online. There quite a few E-government platforms where the public sector just provides a mere digitised version of pre-digital processes and procedures. This kind of approach frustrates the citizen expectations. Some might feel upset, realising that the E-gov tools aren't able to make the access to the services any easier or quicker.

The platform we developed allows the local authorities to dare more. It allows Governments to deliver services that are easy to find and easy to use,  even for the ones who are less keen on and able to cope with the new technologies .

Our E-gov platform drives the user step by step, from the search of the needed information to the online access to the wanted service. It includes a "my page" space where everyone can follow up the delivering status of each required services.