The staff

Davide Caviglia, executive manager

Davide has been working in Gis Companies for the last 15 years.

As executive manager his work is mostly focused on marketing and consulting. His background is in architecture and urban planning. He is an expert in partnership building with both local authorities and universities.

He combines great communication skills with specialised technical preparation on the most reliable and advanced open source webgis solutions.


Roberto Starnini, executive manager

Roberto has been working in the Gis sector for the last 18 years.

He has been giving lectures in Gis and DB management both at University (Genova, Trieste and Venezia_ IUAV) and at professional training courses.

His background is in maths and after a few years spent working as a freelance programmer, he became an expert in desktop and web GIS applications. He works in a variety of programming languages, including Python and Pearl, and has great expertise in DB design (PostgreSQL, Oracle MS Access, SQL Server).

His professional specialities include: MapServer, Openlayers, frameworks Javascript, Visual Basic. He is the responsible for the Open Source GisClient project development and for the Istanze Online E-gov platform based on Plone/Plomino.


Marco Carbone, software devolpment responsible

Programmer analyst with a solid background in Computer Science, since 2006 has been working on GIS application development and customization. In 2009 Marco began focusing on web applications development in PHP, Zope/Plone and Javascript. He works in a variety of programming languages, including Python, Pearl, Java, C++ and has good experience in DB design as like as PostgreSQL, Oracle MS Access, SQL Server.

He is supporting Roberto in the GisClient project, focusing on the GisClient and Plone-Plomino integration. He is involved in the Istanze Online Egov Platform development as well.


Claudio Tosi,  client assistance responsibility

With a background in Humanities, he has been involved in academic art and archaeology research projects, developing skills in 2 and 3d technical design and db management  applied to heritage. Claudio has been working with Gis applications for the last 6 years. He is a CAD designer with good experience in map digitalisation.


Manuele Pesenti, programmer

With a degree in transport and a PhD on GPS methods, Manuele combines a solid background in civil  engineering with a specialisation in Environmental geo-engeneering. His professional specialities include:

  • Development of web based data management systems for environment and territory using frameworks like web2py and Zope, facility tools like Plone, Plomino and the OpenLayers library and interfacing with some db with geo-extensions.
  • Geo-data management and analysis using instruments like Gis-Grass and QGis.

In the last year he has been supporting Marco and Roberto in  the Istanze Online Egov platorm building and testing.


Silvio Tomatis, programmer

Silvio has been working as a freelance programmer for the last 15 years, developing professional specialities in  Phyton, Zope/Plone, Javascript. Together wih Manuele,  he has been supporting Marco and Roberto in the Istanze Online Egov platorm building and testing.


Giorgia Previdoli, communication and internationalisation

Giorgia's background is in supporting culture, tourism and non profit organisations in international cooperation activities. After a masters degree in tourism management, she has been working in Communication and European Partnerships building and projects management for the last 5 years.


Francesco Massa, consultant in environmental monitoring

PhD Student in Marine Environmental Sciences since 2011, Francesco has been working as GIS Technician and Spatial Web Developer since 2006. His main research interests are Ecological informatics, GIS analysis, GIS web application in marine environmental, standard OGC, coastal management, marine environmental monitoring with oceanographic sensors and instrumentations. In the last 5 years Francesco has been taking part in the  Marine Coastal Information System (MACISTE). His professional speciality is ecological data management, including real time data acquisition and  communication.


Sara Costa, consultant in environmental monitoring

With a degree in Natural Sciences and a Masters Degree in Environmental Marine Excellence,  Sara combines her skills in water monitoring and analysis with solid expertise in ICT environmental applications. 

Since 2010 she has been working with both GIs&Web and Marlab-DISTAV in the development of MACISTE  (Marine Coastal Information System), gaining experience in the use  of GisClient, the  Postgre/PostGIS, the Plone 

Sara's professional specialities include the compliance of the standard on METADATA setting  prescribed by both EML (Ecological Metadata Language) and INSPIRE.